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Gerda, Pleasantville, 1933


“Pleasantville juli 1933”

Jag visste att jag någonstans sett en koppling mellan Gerda och Pleasantville N.Y., Estelle Bernadottes hemstad… Här är den! Men det här fotot är från 1933, dvs 5 år efter Estelles giftermål med den svenske diplomaten Folke Bernadotte; alltså inte från Gerdas vistelse i USA i början av seklet, och inte heller i samband med bröllopet. Det tyder dock på att Gerda 1933 var anställd hos familjen Bernadotte.

Det finns fler foton av Gerda, men jag återkommer till dem.
Ville bara få in det här så att jag har det sökbart.


In English

I knew I’d seen the connection somewhere – Gerda and the name of Pleasantville N.Y., the home town of Estelle Manville Bernadotte. Here it is – a note on the back of this photo. But this is July 1933, i.e. five years after Estelles wedding to the Swedish diplomat Folke Bernadotte. So not from Gerda’s first period in the States at the beginning of the 20th century; and also not connected to the wedding (which took place in Pleasantville 1928). But it seems to confirm that in 1933, Gerda was employed by the Bernadotte family. 

There are more photos of Gerda; but I’ll come back to those. I just wanted to enter this one now so that I know where I have it!


Family photo


  1. (The absence of a comment doesn't always mean folk haven't visited. It may be that they have nothing constructive to say on a particular post but I'm still finding them all interesting.)

    1. John, I really don't expect you or anyone else to read every word here, and even less comment on everything. No doubt some things here will be of more general interest and others less so. Just nice to know that a few friends are looking in now and then.

  2. Oddly enough I would not have left a comment on this but as I was reading the comments it occurred to me that your conclusion was my first thought and how we are influenced by circumstantial evidence.

  3. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog and for following. :) I came to check out this picture you asked me look at. There are a few spots in Pleasantville, NY, with bricks and stones like this. Because there is a flag there, I think it might have been a public area, maybe near the old train station. Thanks for sharing! :)