A 'Swenglish' journey through family photos, notes and postcards from the early 20th century.


G.010.2 Ulriksdals slott, Stockholm (1902)

Ulriksdal Palace, Stockholm


No 1378 Ferdinand Hey’l, Stockholm.
A. Blomberg, Photo



Postmark: --1902
To: Här (Herr) Gustaf Ekman, Storegården, Fristad
From: Karl / Hj.A (?)


Vi är nu i Stockholm och vi äro Mycket --- efter resan
--- så träffade vi --- från din vän Karl och hans --- Hj.A
[Kan inte utläsa alla ord]

In English

Postcard to Gustaf from friends visiting Stockholm.
I have not managed to decipher all the words in this message.

Ulriksdals slott. Foto: Norberg Design AB/Dick Norberg.

The building is Ulriksdal Palace from the 17th century.

The palace was originally built for Count Jacob De la Gardie in 1645 and then called Jakobsdal. About 25 years later it was bought by Queen Dowager Hedwig Eleonora for her grandson Ulrik and renamed after him. The little prince however died at the age of one. After the queen’s death in 1715 the palace was transferred to the Crown.

In 1902 (when the postcard was sent), the King of Sweden was Oscar II. I’m not sure how Ulriksdal Palace was used in his day. Later on in the 20th century it was residence to his grandson Gustav VI Adolf (king of Sweden 1950-1973). Since 1986 it has been open to the public. Parts of the former living quarters are used to exhibit items from Gustaf VI Adolf's art and crafts collection.

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  1. That is a typical 'old photo' postcard from that era, isn't it. I live the way they look like paintings.