A 'Swenglish' journey through family photos, notes and postcards from the early 20th century.


Sepia Saturday: Give Us a Kiss

"give us a kiss for Christmas"

Sally o Gustaf glasveranda-001

My paternal grandparents, Sally (b.1900) and Gustaf T. (b.1904). They got engaged 7 September 1929 (and married a year later, 23 September 1930). When I enlarge this photo on the computer I think that I see a glimpse of a ring on her left hand resting on his shoulder… but I can’t be sure, there are too many light reflections and other spots in the photo as well. (As usual, the photo is not dated.) The room where they are sitting is probably the glass veranda at the farm.

There are more photographs of Sally and Gustaf in similar positions, and it seems they must have been an semi-official and family-approved couple at least from early 1928. This concluded from the fact that the photo below includes Sally’s older brother Carl who died in 1928:

Före sept 1928-002

The men standing in the background are Sally’s older half-brothers Carl (b.1870) and Gustaf (b.1878). The couple in the middle are her  half-sister Hildur (b.1892) with boyfriend or fiancé Olof (Olle). (They too got married in 1930.) Sitting on the left is Hildur’s and Sally’s mother Selma (b.1861) (step-mother to Carl and Gustaf).

I wonder who took the photo.
Were there self-timers back in those days??

Mina farföräldrar, Sally och Gustaf T. förlovade sig 7 september 1929 (och gifte sig 23 septemer 1930). Jag tycker mig se en förlovningsring blänka på Sallys hand som vilar på Gustafs axel i det övre fotot, men det är svårt att säga eftersom det även finns andra ljusa fläckar i fotot.

De finns fler foton av paret i liknande position, och minst ett av dem måste vara taget över ett år innan de förlovade sig, eftersom det även inkluderar Sallys bror Carl, som dog sensommaren 1928. Detta är det nedre fotot, där farfar sitter i farmors knä. Även Hildur och Olle är uppenbarligen vid det här laget också ett officiellt par. (Även de gifte sig 1930.) Längst bak står Sallys halvbröder Carl och Gustaf. Till vänster sitter Hildurs och Sallys mor, Selma (styvmor till Carl o Gustaf).



  1. How amusing to pose the group with Gustaf on Sally's lap.

  2. Selma has this I-did-well-expression on her face. Haven't got a clue about when self timers have been invented.

  3. Selma is remembering when she was young; great group.

  4. Fine family grouping! And my guess is that someone was the photographer, rather than a self-timer.

  5. I think there was a photographer in the room too. Perhaps another relative. To me, Selma looks like she's shaking her head thinking "what a group!"

  6. Great photographs. Isn't the ability to enlarge these old photos on the computer wonderful? Details that have been lost for decades, waiting to tell their tales.

  7. Oh, Selma is a wonderful character. I love her pleasant smile.

  8. There were self-timers as early as that but the photo appears to have been taken with flash and i don't think it would have been possible to combine the two so it looks like there was someone else.
    I love the affectionate pose in the first one.

    1. Thanks for the info, John. The main reason I was wondering about self-timers is that it was my grandfather Gustaf who was the photographer in the family. But since he's in the photo, he can't also have been behind the camera this time. I suppose there is still the possibility that he set it up and had someone else take the shot.

  9. Two beautiful family photos. The display of affection and love seems both quaint and daring for its time.