A 'Swenglish' journey through family photos, notes and postcards from the early 20th century.


Gerda 1915

Gerda 1915-2   Gerda 1915-3

Gerda Ekman, oktober 1915 – Lyon, Frankrike – 34 år
[Gerda Maria Emanuelsson *25.10.1881  +10.8.1973]

Det här fotot av Gerda hittade jag inte i vykortsalbumet, utan i ett av kuverten med gamla foton som pappa sorterat. (Bland dem finns ett kuvert märkt ‘Gerda’ och ett annat märkt ‘Gerda?’.)

Jag väljer att visa det här fotot först, eftersom det är signerat och daterat. När man vänder på bilden , så framgår att den tryckts på vykortspapper (vare sig det nu skickats som sådant eller i ett brev), och senare beskurits till mindre format – förmodligen för att passa i en mindre fotoram. Till all lycka framgår dock fortfarande dateringen – Lyon d. 26 ok 1915 – och dedikationen Till Sally (troligen har det också stått “från Gerda” under).

Farmor Sally (född 3.2.1900) var då femton år på det sextonde.

Jag ser likheter i de två systrarnas utseende!

Nedan ett collage som visar det scannade fotot t.v. och i mitten min digitala bearbetning för att få mer skärpa i bilden:

2012_02_15 Gerda

This is a photo of my grandmother’s travelling and card writing half-sister Gerda. The original photo as scanned to the left. With digital improvements by me in the middle (using Picasa). This photo was not in the postcard album; but when I turned it over I found that it was obviously originally printed on a postcard, and then cut to fit into a smaller photo frame. Luckily, the cutting has left the date – Lyon 26 Oct 1915 – and the dedication to my grandmother Sally, who would then have been 15 going on 16. Gerda was born 1881, so would be 34 in this photo. I can see the family resemblance between her and Sally in her features.


  1. Well, I am here on the HOME tab and able to comment, though not on the English one. I like the background you chose for this! This is very exciting! But too bad that someone took all the stamps!! And I guess you have not found them among your father's things.

    1. I don't know who separated the stamps from the cards - it might even have been Gustav himself. That I guess I'll never know.

  2. I know they spent ages posing and composing 'the right face' for the photo on those days but that doesn't alter the fact that she obviously has a lovely gentle face.

  3. When I read the Introduction I wanted to make the comment that, at some time, a graphic family tree would be useful to keep track of people. I have a feeling that those of us (most probably just me!) who find it hard to memorise people's names and where they fit in would benefit and probably get more out of what could be a long and interesting blogging experience.

    I think I've already made the point elsewhere that Gerda has, as CJ has pointed out, a lovely and gentle countenance.

    1. About a graphic family tree: Easier said than done! I've made attempts but so far they've only led to complications rather than simplifications. If I ever succeed... Then I'll put it in.