A 'Swenglish' journey through family photos, notes and postcards from the early 20th century.


Gustaf E. ~1903

Gustaf Ekman

Gustaf, 25 years old, Port Allegany, Pa. (1902-03)

Gustaf Ekman

Vid genomgång av ytterligare en låda med foton och dokument som jag hittade förra veckan, fann jag detta ungdomsporträtt av Gustaf. Eftersom det är taget av en fotograf (A.J. Puhl) i Port Allegany, Pennsylvania, bör det vara taget under första året efter hans ankomst till USA, dvs sent 1902 eller under 1903. Poststämplar och adresser på vykorten vittnar om att han i december 1903 flyttat vidare till Galeton, Pa.

Porträttet har antagligen tillhört Gerda, och inte kommit i farmors ägo förrän efter Gerdas död (1973).

In English

Portrait of Gustaf, the postcard collector, from late 1902 or 1903. It is not dated but it was taken by a photographer in Port Allegany, Pennsylvania, where he spent the first year or so after his arrival in America. The postcards tell me that in December 1903, he had moved on to Galeton, Pa. The photo probably belonged to his sister Gerda, who lived until 1973. I can’t remember seeing it before.


  1. Having found the youthful portrait of Gustaf, I'm beginning to wonder if possibly the photo in the sidebar that I have assumed to be of Carl, might actually be Gustaf. There is really a lot of guesswork involved in going through the old albums. There are very few early portraits, and most of the photos from before 1930 are very small with very few notes to identify people. With siblings sharing some of the same features, it is even harder!

    1. I have exchanged the photos in the post about Carl, and also the photo in the margin. The fact that I could date one or two photos of the man I thought was Carl to after his death (!) finally convinced me...