A 'Swenglish' journey through family photos, notes and postcards from the early 20th century.


G.011-3 Sweet Smile (ca 1902)


G.011.3A-001 2283/84


Kortet har inte varit frankerat så har antagligen skickats i kuvert. Jag tror det är det första kortet i samlingen som har “modern” baksida med plats för text utöver adressen. Jag gillar accentueringen av bara några detaljer i färg mot det svartvita.

Meddelandet är skrivet på vers:


Så söt hon är! är hon ej kär?
men var hon fins? jag nu ej mins;
du bäst det sjelv kanhenda vet?

In English

This anonymous card never had a stamp on it so was probably sent in an envelope. I think it is the first postcard in Gustaf’s collection designed for a message beside the address on the back. I like the accentuation of just a few details with colour in this portrait of an anonymous girl.

The message is rhymed home-made poetry written by someone with a rather poor sense of spelling (I think, even if rules of Swedish spelling have changed a bit since 1902). I’ve attempted a rhymed translation but gave up on trying to imitate the spelling mistakes as well!

Isn’t she sweet and a dear?
But is she anywhere near?
I can’t remember but maybe
you know that better than me.

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  1. I too like the way portraits were sometimes tinted. One of my favoruite postcards is one I received of an anonymous pair of girls /women (possibly mother and daughter). They are beautiful girls and the tinting is perfect.