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Two Together - Sepia Saturday 718


Tage & Mattis


In one of my grandfather Gustaf's albums, in among family photos, there are also several photos of people unknown to me. It's also not always clear whether those photos are "private", or were taken in connection with his job as journalist. (Gustaf usually also took his own photos to go with articles he wrote for the newspaper.) Underneath this photo only the first names of the couple are written, though, so I assume they were personal friends of his: "Tage and Mattis" ("Mattis" probably a nickname, short for Matilda?). My guess is that it is from around 1930 - comparing it to the wedding photos of my own grandparents Gustaf and Sally, and Sally's sister Hildur and her husband (below), as well as the prompt photo for this week's Sepia Saturday.

Gustaf and Sally, 23 September 1930

Olle and Hildur, 30 December 1930

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  1. Great to see those outfits...and the men wearing white gloves. Maybe just for the picture, because if they exchanged rings during the ceremony, gloves would have been in the way. Makes me wish I'd adhered to the prompt this week. I'll try again!

  2. Barbara, I'm not sure what the tradition was with the grooms and their gloves; but in Sweden couples exchange rings (usually plain) when they get engaged, while at the wedding only the bride gets an extra ring.

  3. Too bad the brides are all sitting which makes it harder to see their dresses. The headdresses are certainly in vogue with the times, however. :) Nice photos and interesting about the ring exchange during the ceremony being a little different than what we're used to. The thought about the groom not receiving a ring during the ceremony brought to mind one time when the maid of honor dropped the groom's heavy ring as she offered it to the bride to put on the groom's finger. It took a big bounce on the carpeted floor, then hip-hopped down the few steps from the raised section and rolled down the aisle. It got about halfway down the aisle before someone in an aisle seat managed to reach out & catch it. As I recall the Best Man walked down to get it. :)

  4. I love the wedding dresses and I am struck by the dark bouquets each of the brides is carrying. Is that culturally significant or just coicidence?

  5. Very stylish wedding couples. I noticed the white gloves, too, which add a level of formality that I don't recall seeing in American wedding photos. The exception being when a groom is dressed in a formal military uniform which sometimes comes with white gloves. My dad wore his army officer's uniform for his wedding but I don't think he had gloves then as it was not the full ceremonial uniform. I had to wear white gloves with my high school band when marching but since they interfered with pressing the keys I cut the fingertips off.