A 'Swenglish' journey through family photos, notes and postcards from the early 20th century.


R.002-02 Glad Påsk / Happy Easter




Postmark: (Sörby?) 30.3.1902

To: Miss Gerda Ekman, Wilander, Sörby

En glad och treflig påsk!
Hjärtliga hälsningar (B. F-n)

(B. Fredriksson? Jämför nyårshälsningen R.001-01)

In English

A happy and enjoyable Easter!
Best regards, (B. F-n)

I think the sender here may be the same friend who sent the R.001-01 card with the New Year greeting. (B. Fredriksson)

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  1. You have been busy here! I love the gold car with the green trim and the big New Year's horn. And are they getting chased by a mad pig? Too funny!!! I guess he was not going to be anyone's New Year's Day ham!!